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by Sandy Barley, Lifespath


Life shapes you through your experiences, other people’s beliefs, and values. These will define how you appear in the outside world. Development of the personality, if you will. We are growing souls, and our beliefs can shift as we experience, learn, and grow.

Your conscious may have many beliefs about who you are and bring deep-seated subconscious habits that are part of your life. Anxieties are habits of thought and feeling. It doesn’t mean that because you are feeling the anxiety that the fear is real, it just means that you have what I call a trigger/response going on. There is a subconscious programme at play.

A programme is where something in your world happens that trigger thoughts and feelings. Then a response takes place in behaviour. When anxiety strikes, the response is possibly being frozen in fear, not being able to speak, or acting appropriately.

A programme from childhood may bring about feelings of low self worth or doubt which continue to hold your life hostage.

Most programmes are built on fear and run subconsciously outside of our awareness. A long running programme creates a belief of ‘this is me’ or ‘I can’t change’. Trapped emotions from times gone by, often way back in childhood where an event has been forgotten consciously, but subconsciously still firing. Once the outdated emotions have been released, the programme then ceases to run.

Your subconscious records all of your life. At death, this gets uploaded (for want of a better term) to your soul records, which are a memory bank of your soul journey.

Programmes that belong to past lives can ripple in to the current one. It’s important to clear all past emotional debris from wounds or traumatic experiences, so life can be lived authentically. We view and live in our world through these subconscious filters, albeit unknowingly.

Themes of a past life trauma regularly come up in my clients’ sessions. ‘That makes sense’ is a comment that I often hear, as people note the same happenings mirroring in their current life. It’s the soul’s way of clearing out old emotional debris so it can play out the physical life it chose for this current incarnation.

The clearer you are of old karmic energies, the more authentically you can live this life.

Of course, not all programmes need clearing. Great habits and learned skills are all programmes with the subconscious. 

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