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Soul Clearing Session

This is what I suggest as a first session. Why? Often there can be blocks and interferences that are outside our normal mode of thinking.  These can very much interfere with your energies and therefore any work we are trying to do.  

An initial Soul Clearing will reveal any attachments, often earthbound spirits, people who have died and not moved on.  Earthbound spirits are common.  I found this surprising when I started to work this way.  The problem with having these in tow is that they’ll still be holding on to their life emotional/mental energies and a host can pick up these feelings as if their own.  

Earthbound’s are only one aspect of clearing.  Other interferences, blocks, programmes and beings can be at play.  There are too many possibilities to mention here, and everyone’s clearing is different.  Some of the more usual things cleared are…

  • Addicted Souls
  • Extra Souls 
  • Inner Child Blocks
  • Blocks to Positive Expressions
  • Negative Motivations
  • Past Lives Residues
  • Discordant Beliefs and Energies
  • Vows
  • Interference in the Spiritual Layers
  • and much more

A Soul Clearing session is  about getting 100% positive spiritual light reaching you at this incarnational level.  

soul with auras
Get back to the heart of you

Personal Clearing Session

be free of trapped emotions

 A Personal Clearing session is for current issues, something that is no doubt stopping you from enjoying your life fully.  This session will be tailored to your specific situation and may utilise several modalities. 

Healing past trauma/experiences is fundamental to enjoying life fully.  Your subconscious holds the key to what may still be resonating emotionally or mentally.

Trapped emotions just need to be acknowledged so that they can be released.  The answer will be found on some level, even if you are not sure why you feel the way you do.  

A session may clear a particular emotion, i.e. unforgiving, anger, jealousy, low self-worth, etc. Once an emotion becomes trapped, the resonating frequency will attract more of the same issues to you. It becomes a mirror, letting you know that there are residue emotions to clear.   

Or maybe you have a heart-wall. This is a wall of emotions around your heart that are protecting you from getting hurt. But it can stop love from flowing to and from you naturally and can also block self love.

Home Clearing Session

It may seem strange to add this to my list of sessions, but as earthbound spirits in the home can be a bit of nuisance and are best helped back to where they need to be. Negative entities and energies within the home will affect the occupants, especially those that are more sensitive.  

When negative energies are cleared, an immediate change in the atmosphere can usually be felt.

Homes may have residue energies of illness, arguments, divorce, death, fear, depression, etc. We bring items into our homes, which may also carry negative energy. 

But what of the ground your home is built on? Negative energies from past events, geopathic stresses, electrical discharges, Ley lines, portals and energy drains… these can all have a detrimental effect on us.

Here are some clues to look for …

  • Feeling happier when away from the home
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Cold or uncomfortable areas within the house
  • Occupant(s) unnaturally irritable 
  • Animals freaking out in certain areas of the house
  • Occupant(s) feeling flat or unenthused about life generally
  • Unexplained happenings, i.e. lights going on/off on their own, things being moved, the smell of tobacco smoke when nobody in the house smokes, and suchlike.
  • A sense of being watched when alone in the house.

Earthbound spirits struggle to find their way to where they need to be, so a home clearing is a win-win for them and the occupants.  No need for me to visit the house to clear, this one is done by proxy.

A Home Clearing session will bring a home back into 100% positive light.

releasing house spirits

All sessions are £60 including an email report detailing what has been cleared.

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