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Get back to the heart of you

Since working with you, I’ve felt like I’ve had a clean slate, as if any negative emotions have been lifted and a fresh start was given. Being very in tune, I would often hear voices waking me up from sleep or as I was going to sleep. Since having my first clearing a couple of years ago, it’s something that has never happened since.

My favourite part of working with you has been the fact that I’ve learnt so much about myself, the people in my life, and I’ve learnt to understand my personal journey more. 

I felt that there were blocks with achieving certain things and in working with you I’ve learnt that these can be tied to past lives. For example, there was a feeling of impending doom for no apparent reason. One of my sessions showed past life energies, which were cleared, and low and behold, the feeling hasn’t returned!

I honestly can’t fault your service and think how you work is extremely impressive, you always check in to make sure things went well, you do the clearings in good time and I love the write-ups at the end! 

For anyone thinking of a session… be prepared to understand yourself in ways which you never thought you would, you’ll gain understanding into your past, past relationships and so much more! Make way for the new because the old negative ways will be swept away as if by magic! 

KP, London

I felt a tremendous relief later that night after the session!! You saved my life!! I felt like I was getting crushed with some inhuman weight. I felt like this weight was absolutely not natural and immovable all my life. I could not understand it, and I have sought many avenues of relief, yet none have helped. I could find no relief prior! 

THANK YOU for using your skill and gifts to help people like me!!!" 


I feel as if a big, dark, cold, heavy blanket has been lifted off me!!

BL, Chard

Wow.  Seriously wow.

I had the most incredible, insightful, transformative session with Sandy.

I am utterly blown away and deeply grateful.

So many puzzle pieces fallen into place.

She is doing amazing, important work.

Feeling much lighter, energised and so much clearer.

She is such a lovely woman too, if you’re feeling drawn to see her, please do. It might change your life

AF, Axminster

Thank you for sending me the details of our session. I have waited a little while to reply with how things are, just to give it time.  The most amazing thing for me, is that the memory distortion, which was bothering me every night in bed, has gone where it should be, behind me. It's still there of course, but I know it's in a more 'controlled place'. It's just not a dominant memory anymore.  

I can't believe it, it was the one thing I knew had the power to destroy me about the death of my daughter, if I didn't get it under control, so thank you so much. 

HD, Bournemouth

Isn’t it funny how you came into my life at just the right moment! I had reached a point where I wasn’t sure what to do next - I knew it was spiritual problems but before we met, I had no idea that there was help out there.

Thank you for the care and kindness you gave me.  I had so much going on around me and you have cleared that and let the light back in.

My night terrors have ceased and both my husband and I can sleep well again. 

Thank you so much.

KR, Crewkerne

Your treatment has caused a slow but radical change from feeling separate and having autistic traits to feeling part of humanity and more like others. 

The process continues and I'll get back to you when the dust settles. Thanks so much, you've done something amazing.

PH, Totnes

I have been battling anxiety and panic attacks for the last 17 years; a problem which has really ruled my life. After seeing Sandy for help with this issue, I am relieved to say that I am finally panic attack free for the first time since they began. My general anxiety level is also lower; I just feel different within myself - much calmer and just happier generally. Thank you so much, Sandy. This has really made such a positive difference to my daily life.

AL, Yeovil

I came to see you for a Soul Clearing….. And I must say, although it wasn’t an overnight thing, my Soul definitely feels lighter this year and the subtle changes have been really positive!

I honestly can’t thank-you enough.

CC, London

The Soul Clearing, well, it has been a HUGE relief, a big weight has been lifted, thats for sure.

I no longer feel I am ‘carrying’ so many other heavy energies…

My personal boundaries are stronger too, I am stronger.

MV, Chard

I booked an appointment initially for anxiety attacks. After a few sessions my anxiety was markedly reduced and I felt so much better in myself. 

Sandy is lovely and you are put at ease as soon as you arrive.

I would 100% recommend Lifespath.    

JW, Ilminster

Since you did the home clearing for me, the house feels like fresh Spring air.

AP, Chard

Thank you so much for all your help. You are such a kind and lovely person.

I have had to deal with some difficult things in my life and coming to see you was the right thing for me, it was the right time.

I feel so much more positive now I have let go all my hurt and pain. Forgiving both my husbands for what they done to me has made me feel so much better. I feel so much happier. I don't feel so anxious anymore.

Thank you for clearing my house for me. The house feels lighter and more positive. The atmosphere feels different, not so heavy. 

You have helped me a lot.    

JR, Ilminster 

Thank you

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