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by Sandy Barley, Lifespath


Trapped emotions are basically emotional energies that haven’t been expressed, processed, and released.

As children, we often misconstrue what is truly going on. A tired parent lashing out can make us feel unworthy, unloved, or even guilty. Up to the age of 7, our conscious awareness hasn’t truly kicked in. We are in an almost semi hypnotic state, subconsciously absorbing what’s going on around us.

The subconscious is where our memories are stored, and our bodies hold on to trapped energies of emotional hurts. Next time you feel an emotion, sense where in the body it is. I discovered that excitement and anxiousness felt fairly similar to me. Excitement I feel in my chest, but anxiety in my throat. This has helped me in deciphering my genuine feelings.

We all feel an array of emotions. Life without emotions would be pointless, not to mention dull. The universal Law of Polarity gives us opposing factors, for example, good/bad, hot/cold, left/right, up/down, etc. And so it is with emotions, we can feel happy/sad, angry/calm, negative/positive, and so on. The yin/yang of life exists always. Emotions are guiding sensors to steer our life towards joy. Trapped emotions unfortunately keep us locked in patterns of behaviour, preventing our true selves to radiate.

Everything is Energy

Everything in the Universe is made of vibrating energy. Energy is the essential life force that flows through all of nature. Thoughts, words, and actions are all energy. Your body is energy. Emotions are energy. As in Chinese medicine, it is known that the life force energy flows through our meridians in a certain way. Trapped Emotions have their own vibrational pattern, and this ball of resonance can slow the natural body’s energy flow. When this happens, pain or bodily issues can show up, often some years after the emotion became trapped.

Like Attracts Like

As an example, if you have a trapped emotion of anger, then your body, in part, is already resonating anger. So, in a situation when you could get angry, it’s more likely that you will become angry. The vibration of anger was already at play. Of course, you may not know that there is a trapped emotion of anger.

Is there a feeling that comes up for you regularly? A trapped emotion from the past, maybe?

High to Low Energy Vibrations of Emotions

Here’s a list of typical emotions with 1 being of high vibrational to 22 being low vibrational energy. Make it an aim to move on from the lower energies of 22 to 8. Be mindful of your emotions, they are there to guide you. Hitting the top 7 is the goal.

Can Trapped Emotions Be Cleared?

Your subconscious is the key here because it’s the part of you that remembers everything that has happened in your life.

Your body can let us know through body movements. First, let’s go back to the Law of Polarity to visit negative and positive. Your body will be normally drawn to positive things or thoughts and repelled by negative things or ideas. In fact, have you noticed that when you like someone you lean towards them in conversation and if it’s someone you don’t particularly like, you will lean away from them. This is an automatic response.

Try this. Make sure you can remain uninterrupted and the space you’re in is quiet. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart so that you are balanced. Keep still with your arms at your sides. Relax completely and close your eyes. You’ll notice that it’s impossible to stay still completely. Now you will become your own lie detector. Say out aloud “my name is __ (your name)__” and relax. You should notice that you lean forward. This is a genuine statement and your body responds accordingly. Do it again by saying a name that is not your own and notice that you lean backwards. This is because it’s a negative statement. Your subconscious knows the truth, and this is the part we tap into when gathering information about what emotional energy is trapped within.

You have everything you need, to help you on your life’s path… this is within ♥︎

I work with SPIRIT, using a chart and pendulum to check for items to clear, so once the emotion is found I simply ask SPIRIT to release on your behalf. Nothing will be cleared until we ask, so it’s useful to have a way to receive answers from the subconscious.

Proxy/distance sessions are available. As we are all energy and SPIRIT is energy, I don’t need you to be with me in order to clear.

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