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Conscious, Subconscious & Higher Conscious


by Sandy Barley, Lifespath

Our amazing body can easily be taken for granted when we get preoccupied with life’s demands. But if you think about it just for a moment, what an amazing vehicle for life you have.  

What a fab design… your body faithfully working behind the scenes with little thought required. The heart keeps beating, sending blood and oxygen around the body. Eyes reflecting images to our brain, our ears picking up the vibrational sounds around us, our limbs bending in a manner of ways in order for us to move, the list goes on.  

But apart from fuel and mechanics, behind the workings of our body is our consciousness.

If our body is our hardware, then our consciousness is the software than runs programmes.   Consciousness is broken down into three main areas…

Get back to the heart of you


Think of your conscious as your logical thinking self.  This is part of you that is analytical, working out pros and cons, putting plans into place.  The conscious monitors the five senses, our antenna to the outside world, and filters information instantly, rejecting or accepting whats coming in.The conscious has short term memory and can only have one thought at a time, it lives in the moment.   The conscious self is also referred to as the Ego, preoccupied with survival, self gratification and importance.  It’s the chatterbox inside your head that is always comparing and judging. 

Scientists reckon we use our conscious minds about 10% of the time, the other 90% is very much governed from the subconscious.  So whatever is stored in your subconscious will need more than the conscious mind to overcome it.  


This is where your hard wired long term memories, emotions and feelings are stored. Home of habits, relationship patterns, addictions, creativity, imagination, and developmental stages.  Your self image and identity is based here, incorporated with your personal beliefs and values.  Fear resides here along with protective reactions.  The subconscious doesn’t do logic, cannot judge, it accepts everything for real.  Whatever is lodged in the subconscious is as fresh as when it entered.  So if you have past trauma, the protective mechanism will come in to play, when triggered, and bring up emotional feelings in order for you not to get hurt, embarrassed or whatever it was, again.   

There’s a deeper part of the subconscious that runs the involuntary body functions, the deep workings of the physical element that keep us alive.

The subconscious is also our connection to our higher consciousness where we receive our intuition.


Some call it Higher Self or Soul, the part of us that is connected to all.  This is our spiritual selves where love and joy emanates.  When we meditate and switch off from the world around us, we are in touch with our higher nature.  If we can quieten down the ego and stop the mind chatter for long enough, we can glimpse the peace and serenity that our higher consciousness is.  

Feed your conscious mind positive thoughts, as these seep down into the subconscious to trigger favourable energies.  

Turn off the conscious mind ego chatter so that you can sense intuition from the higher conscious

Use the conscious mind to develop new habits which will over time replace old habitual behaviour held strong in the subconscious

I hope this gives you more understanding of consciousness. They are not separate from each other, nor from the physical body.  Like a beautiful dance, we are many parts making a whole, expressing to our own vibration.  And yet, we are not separate from everyone else, but part of a collective consciousness…  that’s a topic for another blog I think.

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