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by Sandy Barley, Lifespath


Don’t freak out!!!… when I tell you that earthbound spirit attachment is not uncommon.

After a person dies and leaves their physical body, they may linger to make sure family and friends are OK. Or unfinished business needs to be attended to. Simply, most don’t know they’ve died. If they don’t transition in their allotted time, they become trapped in the earth plane and will then need help to move on. 

Our physical earthly energies are what’s needed for them to remain. They get drawn to individuals with trapped low vibrational energies. For example, folk who feel depressed, anxious, stressed out, drinking excessively, feeling worthless, etc. may draw these spirits to them unknowingly.

Usually, hosts cannot see the spirits, although they will feel them on some level. If an earthbound spirit was suffering from sadness, jealousy, rage, depression, etc., the person may feel those emotions as their own. This can often bring the host’s own vibrational energy down further. Mental issues can become an issue with attachments.

Family members often say that they would like their earthbound loved ones to remain. I can understand they don’t want them to go. I always reply that their loved ones are best served by leaving the earth plane as there is healing available to all of us on passing. It’s part of the soul journey that will continue. Once back in the light, our loved ones can still visit us, but they will not be carrying any discordant, vibrational earthbound energies.

I’ll tell you my story of when I cleared an earthbound spirit from myself… My brother had committed suicide a year previously, so I felt low from that. I’d been unwell, and our kitchen extension seemed to go on forever. My partner asked me one day if I was suffering from depression. I thought about it and considered I could well be. I sensed a sort of numbness. Life seemed pointless, and I felt heavy. I’d just learned about earthbound spirits, so I checked and sure enough, there was one. I cleared, as my tutor had instructed me. The next day my partner said, “you seem like you’ve got your mojo back”. I sure had. I felt lighter in myself. Enjoyment came back into my life.

Knowing the relief I felt, I checked on any clients with depression, anxiety and suchlike. Sure enough, they had attachments. Then I checked all new clients on their first sessions. To my amazement, I found they were more common than I could have imagined.

Clearing interference is part of a first session. This assures me I’m working with the client and not an unseen crowd. Spirits are returned home. A win-win for the host and the no longer earthbound spirit.

As in the living, some spirits can be troublesome. How many earthbound spirits attached does not dictate the scale of interference. The most I have cleared is 244 from one person at time of writing. My ‘one’ was definitely heavy duty. It was carrying many discordant energies, and I was picking these up as my own energies.

Over the centuries there are plenty of stories of attached spirits. Clearing these entities has been part of cultures all around the world. In our modern world we may think they are just stories, but in my experience they are far from rare.

Souls are returned to the light with love, to continue their soul journey. It’s a path that we will take again at the end of this life. We have made this transition many times before.

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