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Clearing your path to restore emotional, mental & physical balance

When life is out of balance, it is time to clear some emotional debris.

People get nervous about dealing with emotional issues, but there’s no need to be.  The modalities I use are non-invasive, so if you’ve been through trauma, you won’t need to go into finite details of your situation.  

You know your story... I don’t need to know all in order to help you.

There’s always a key to the problem!

I work with your subconscious, a part of you that remembers all of your life.  Even if you have forgotten something on a conscious level, your subconscious knows.  This very real part of you assists me in finding the cause of your current issues, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physical.  We then simply clear, so it can no longer interfere in your life.

An example of the type of issues I can help with ..

    •    Anger

    •    Anxiety/panic attacks

    •    Depression

    •    Low self-esteem

    •    Abuse (sexual and emotional)

    •    Stress

    •    Negative behaviour

    •    Relationship issues

    •    General apathy or unhappiness

    •    Mental Illness

    •    Fear

    •    Shame/guilt

    •    Worthlessness

    •    Nervousness

I have a range of modalities in my therapy toolbox, so each session will be tailored a clients needs.  Everyone is so different.


Let’s work together to get you to where you need to be, free of the negative baggage that triggers unwanted feelings or behaviour. 


Give me a call to chat about how I may help.


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